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We started Expat Gay to share helpful tips, thoughts and ideas for other gay individuals traveling the world. As you embark on your next adventure, we hope you’ll keep in touch with us, share your adventures and awesome finds.

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Illuminating Article on Being an Expat in Dubai

One expat’s observations about being a gay expat in Dubai.    
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Tel Aviv Pride (Middle East’s Biggest Pride Parade) Draws 200,000

This year’s Tel Aviv pride brought out over 200,000 revelers.  Having attended last year’s Pride in Tel Aviv we can tell you it is an event not to be missed. ...
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Scotland tops Europe for LGBTI equality and human rights

Sounds like Scotland needs to rise to the top of any LGBT traveler’s travel bucket list!  
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Gay Pride Calendar 2016

Welcome to expatgay!  We will keep you informed on items of interest to the gay traveler so check back often! To start, below is a link to the global gay ...
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